History of the City Selatpanjang

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The city is the center of the district administration Selatpanjang Islands Meranti, duhulu is one of the airports (cities) are most busy and popular trade in the Sultanate of Siak.
Bandar was long ago have formed a heterogeneous society, particularly ethnic Malays and Chinese, because of the role between them formed closely in harmony cultural activities and trade.
All this is inseparable ketoleransian inter-fraternity.
It is this factor which then fosters trade and traffic of goods and human goods from China to the archipelago and vice versa.
Crowded coastal areas of Riau trade interaction is causing the Dutch East Indies government took part in the determination of the name of this country.
Recorded history during the 11th Sultan of Siak Sultan Hashim Abdul Jalil Assayaidis Syarief Syaifuddin.
In 1880, the State government ruled by the High Cliff Makmur JM Tengkoe Soelong Tjantik Saijet Alwi who holds a Master Chief Marhum Aftermath (Head of State who is responsible to the Sultan of Siak).
In his reign in this city there was a polemic with the Dutch Colonial that is Konteliur Van Huis about the change of name of this country, the Dutch colonial government unilaterally change this area into Selatpanjang, but not approved by JM Tengkoe Soelong Tjantik Saijet Alwi as local stakeholders.
Finally, based on mutual agreement the High Cliff State Makmur Makmur turn into Bandar Tebingtinggi Selatpanjang Affairs. J.M. Tengkoe Soelong Tjantik Saijet Alwi died in 1908.
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